VIDEO: Audi Q5 mocks conformist technology in new ad

Last week, it was Audi taking a jab a Lexus with its commercial about a man in witness protection who was willing to leave just so he could drive his Audi Q5 over a Lexus RX. This time, it’s Audi taking shots at BMW and its X3.

The commercial starts off with a woman being given a tour of her new work place by her seemingly new boss. As he’s showing her around, he’s smugly pointing out all of the innovations the company has, though everyone seems to either be doing the same thing or wearing similar colors. It’s all very bland and conformist. Then, her boss shows her the fleet of cars employees get to drive.

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Out of the window, she looks upon a fleet of white BMW X3s, which her new boss calls “”functional and pragmatic.” Hardly a glowing endorsement. If you’re significant other called your more intimate efforts either functional or pragmatic, I’m assuming you’d be less than enthused.

The screen then cuts to the Audi Q5 storming down an empty road, exhaust note (likely fake) blaring in the background, her in the driver’s seat shaking her head and test that reads “Progress is ever blending in”

It seems as if Audi really wants to take on its competitors with the new Q5 and has no issue boldly expressing it. We haven’t driven the Q5 yet but it better be damn good with all of these bold claims being thrown out.

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