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Last week, we took a look at a teaser video Audi put out, showing the upcoming Audi Q2 driving on some dirt roads in the middle of a wooded area in an undisclosed location. Audi didn’t exactly say it was a Q2, but implied that it was a new Q-based vehicle and we all know what that means. Well now we’ve gotten another teaser of the Q2 ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut in March.

In this latest teaser, we see the upcoming Audi Q2 headed straight for us on the same dirt road featured in the last teaser. All we can see through the dust and dirt is the silhouette of the Audi Q2 and its headlights shining through. We can make out that the headlights share the same “Sideways Thor’s Hammers” design as all new Audis, such as the Q7 and A4. However, they seem more angular and angry than on those applications, hinting that this new Q2 is rather aggressive. We can also see that it’s rather short and low to the ground, probably making it not the best vehicle to take offroading, as Audi’s suggesting, but it does look sporty and aggressive. We can also see that the side mirrors are mounted on the door and not the A-pillar, just like the new A4, which will help with wind noise down the road.

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Audi Q2 Teaser3

Overall, the new Audi Q2 looks quite aggressive, making it the enthusiast’s choice of SUV for Audi buyers who would have otherwise bought a Q3. It does look rather small, so probably best for young or small families. Audi is also marketing the Q2 as sort of an active and adventurous vehicle, clearly marketing toward a younger audience. But that does somewhat strike similarities to Audi’s early days of the fire-spitting UR Quattro rally car, instead of the soft and luxurious cars that the brand currently makes.

The Audi Q2 will be powered by a suite of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines and will use either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed S-Tronic gearbox. Front-wheel drive will be standard but Quattro all-wheel drive will be an option. An SQ2 and Q2 e-tron are possibly in the works as well, but nothing is official. Look for more info to be coming out during the Geneva Motor Show, we’ll keep you covered as information comes out.

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