VIDEO: Audi Q2 Illuminating the night

The upcoming Audi Q2 is getting ready for its debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show. In the weeks ahead of the show, Audi has been giving us teasers of its new baby SUV almost on a weekly basis. First was a GIF of some parking spots filled with Audi’s SUV lineup, only to have an empty spot next to the Q3 where something smaller would be. After that was the picture of the Audi Q2 under wraps with only a rough silhouette being identifiable.

Audi Q2 Teaser
Audi Q2 Teaser

More recently, Audi teased us with a couple of videos of the Q2. The first video showed an overhead view of the Audi Q2 driving down a dirt road in the middle of what seemed to be a heavily wooded area, possibly a jungle, hinting at the Audi Q2’s off-road capabilities. Audi did, after all, build its reputation in the woods with the fire-spitting Quattro of the ’80s. The second video showed the same scene but from ahead of the Q2 and, through quite a lot of dust, we were able to make out a bit of the front end and its headlights.

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Audi Q2 Teaser3

Now, though, Audi has teased us with a new video, showing the Audi Q2 displayed in light on a concrete wall in a city. A man draws the Q2’s profile on concrete with light, however the hell that works, and we get to see that the Q2 will have a more aggressive roofline than its Q3 brother and will be the sportier car of the two. Aside from that, though, we don’t get to see much.

We’re very excited to see the new Q2 at the Geneva Motor Show next week and and starting to get anxious about it. We’ll keep you posted as we get more information.

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