Video – Audi lights up the streets of Brussels with the A4’s matrix LED headlights

Audi is demonstrating its matrix LED headlights by illuminating the streets of Brussels in Belgium.

Available as an optional feature on the new A4 (B9), the matrix LED headlights were installed on a billboard in Brussels to demonstrate their ability to effectively detect people and actually follow them. The video is actually quite funny as it looks like the people are just about to get abducted by aliens or they are being chased by a helicopter cop as you seen in the movies where criminals are trying to escape.

The idea behind this video is to demonstrate the increased safety level the technology offers and in the case of the A4 we are talking about involves 11 light diodes that are on when the low beam is activated while the full beam requires 12 LEDs. These LEDs can be turned on and off individually based on the data received from the control unit installed within the rearview camera and the LEDs can also be dimmed in one of the 64 stages available.

Moreover, the Audi A4 equipped with optional matrix LED headlights also benefits from dynamic turn signals with diodes which are turned on sequentially from inside to outside in the direction of the turn.

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Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.