Video – Audi goes through its headlight technology developments

Audi has released an interesting clip showcasing their advancements in headlight technology. It all started before Auto Union was founded as in 1903 the paraffin lamp was created and ten years later in 1913 it evolved into the carbride lamp. Fast forward to 1920, the electrical light revolutionized the automotive industry while in 1972 the company introduced the double headlight arrangement.

A major breakthrough was achieved back in 1994 when Audi introduced its first headlights featuring xenon technology while in 2008 they came out with adaptive headlights featuring LED daytime running lights. In the same year, full LED headlights came out and were followed in 2013 by the matrix LED headlights available on current Audis.

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Last year, the limited edition Audi R8 LMX came out and it was the company’s first production car to offer laser headlights. The next step in Audi’s lighting technology developments is the implementation of OLED taillights which we will probably see on a production car before the end of the decade. The flagship A8 is believed to receive OLED lighting technology but as far as we know it will be implemented only inside the cabin although we won’t be too surprised if the taillights will employ the organic light-emitting diodes.

Adrian Padeanu

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