VIDEO: Audi e-tron vs Jaguar I-Pace vs Mercedes-Benz EQC — Which Tesla Competitor is Best?

Premium automakers are in a bit of a confusing time. It used to be that every automotive brand, especially new upstarts, were trying to take them on, trying to match their success. Now, though, all premium automakers have to figure a way to match the new upstart — Tesla. So each major premium brand has its own electric SUV and this new video from Autocar compares three of the best of them; the Audi e-tron Sportback, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Ben EQC. So which Tesla competitor is best?


When the Jaguar I-Pace debuted a few years back, it was an instant enthusiast hit. Who could resist its killer good looks and shockingly sharp driving dynamics? Sure, the Tesla Model X had further range and its top-end models were faster but the Jag was sexier. It was desirable. Now, it’s been given a refresh, so can it still compete?

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Next up is the Audi e-tron Sportback, which is the “coupe” version of the e-tron SUV and its currency is also supposed to be desirability. Whether or not it actually is able to sell that currency is another question but Audi’s approach is clearly to attract a more stylish customer with its rakish roofline. The e-tron Sportback’s range is quite dismal compared to any Tesla’s but its luxury, interior quality and style do make it more appealing to most traditional premium car buyers.


Lastly is the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The three-pointed star has a reputation for luxury and dependability. When you see that proud emblem on the EQC’s grille, you’re instantly reminded that it’s a proper luxury car. Its badge has a prestige that Tesla’s, no matter how impressive, can ever hope to match because the Mercedes badge has over a century’s worth of excellence behind it.

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But these three cars aren’t competing against Tesla just yet. Instead, they’re competing against each other. So which Tesla Model Y/X model is best? Find out in this new video from Autocar.


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