VIDEO: Audi e-tron shows off its tech in new video

Audi Spain has posted a new video to its YouTube channel, showing off a lot of the interior tech of the new Audi e-tron. The upcoming e-tron is Audi’s first ever all-electric car so, naturally, the brand is making a big deal about it. We recently just saw its interior, as Audi revealed it to the public ahead of the car’s final, official reveal. Now, though, we get to see how some of its interior tech works thanks to this new video.

It starts off by showing its new “3D Overhead View” camera. So using the touchscreen MMI system, you can control a completely 3D surround view of the car itself. It’s very similar to the system you’ll find on modern BMW’s and Rolls Royces, just even more capable. You can literally drag your finger across the screen in any direction and get a true 3D view of the car’s surroundings. It also seems to work really well, with quick, smooth movements. It’s really quite slick.

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We then get to see the new side mirror cameras in action, which is really what everyone wanted to see. As an option on the new Audi e-tron, customers will be able to replace the side mirrors with little cameras. Those cameras then display what they see onto little screens on the interior door panel. Those screens are also touch-sensitive, which allows the driver to adjust the view of the camera on the screen. The video shows this adjustment and it also looks slick and smooth.

In those screens, you can also see that it displays the turn signal, which is a curious option as traditional side mirrors usual house indicators to alert other drivers on the road, not the person in the driver’s seat. Still, it’s cool. What will be interesting is to see how the blind-spot monitor light is implemented into that screen.

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We don’t know if the Audi e-tron’s new side cameras will be available in all markets at launch but it will be something we’re eager to see in person.

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