VIDEO: Audi e-tron reviewed on JayEmm on Cars — Is it Worth the Money?

When Audi first debuted the e-tron, its first-ever electric SUV, it was marketed as an Audi first and an electric car second. The idea was to develop an electric car that gave customers the same experience as a typical Audi SUV. In most ways, that plan worked, as the Audi e-tron looks, feels and drives like a standard, albeit luxurious, Audi. However, there is one issue and that’s explained in this new video review by JayEmm on Cars.


In this new video review, JayEmm takes us through the entire Audi e-tron; everything from its specs to its options list are covered; and he comes up with an issue — cost. The e-tron is a very expensive car, costing over £70,000 (it’s $74,800 in the US). That’s a lot of money for an electric car with only 204 miles of EPA-tested range. That’d honestly be fine if it were incredibly luxurious on the inside but the problem is that it’s not as luxurious as you might expect a car costing that much to be. For instance, for the same money, the Audi A8 is nicer on the inside by a good margin.

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The standard leather inside the Audi e-tron is nice but at over $80,000 as tested, it’s just not nice enough. Plus, he noticed some quality issues, such as worn leather on the seats. In the e-tron’s defense, journalists are not kind to press cars, so they often wear significantly faster than a customer’s car. I always say 10,000 journalist miles are equivalent to 100,000 customer miles. It is our job to test cars’ limits after all.


In terms of how it drives, the Audi e-tron is a very luxurious car and it has surprisingly good performance, regardless of what critics will say. We felt similarly after our drive with it. However, while its ride and driving experience are great, its range and efficiency aren’t. And that hurts when you’re spending nearly $100,000 on a luxury car.

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JayEmm says he can’t see any real reason why someone would buy an Audi e-tron over any of its major rivals. That might be harsh but it’s an understandable point of view. The e-tron is certainly a good car and one that has a lot of positive attributes but it also has some issues, mostly with its price. If it were cheaper, a lot of its faults could be forgiven but it’s not so they aren’t.

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