VIDEO: Audi e-tron Quattro goes testing under the Northern Lights

The upcoming Audi e-tron Quattro is possibly the most important car to come from Audi since the original Audi Quattro. Fitting that they share a similar name, then. Reason being, though, is that the e-tron Quattro will be the brand’s first ever all-electric production car. It will also be the car that launches Audi’s e-tron brand name into the mainstream electric market. So it needs to be a smash hit. Which is why Audi is building hype for the e-tron Quattro and this latest video is the perfect example.

Most electric cars suffer from the same problem — they lack emotion. Without any noise or any physical feel from the powertrain, electric cars feel very lifeless. Audi wants to change that, though, as it’s advertising its upcoming e-tron Quattro as a very emotional machine. It’s attempting to say that high-tech electricity doesn’t have to be mundane. And we can see that in this new video.

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Title “Polarlights”, we see the Audi e-tron Quattro Prototype in Swedish Lapland, sitting under the stunning Northern Lights, in the snow and ice at night. Text comes on the screen that reads, “Electricity. You can just watch it”, referring to the majesty of that aforementioned naturally-occurring color stream in the sky. Then it shows brief close ups of the Audi e-tron Quattro, showing off its OLED taillights, lower front lip and winter tires, all of which are freezing in the subzero temperatures. “Or you can test it:” the screen reads, followed by various different extreme conditions that Audi tested the e-tron Quattro in.

What’s interesting is that Audi doesn’t show off the e-tron Quattro’s tech at all. Instead, it’s shown pulling off massive drifts in the snow and, ultimately, driving very aggressively. After showing off a bunch of short little clips of the Audi e-tron Quattro kicking ass in the freezing cold, the screen reads: “Audi e-tron Prototype. Charged with Excitement”. Audi is clearly trying to show that the e-tron Quattro will not be the average electric car. It’s not going to be designed for Silicon Valley types who’d rather have silly door gimmicks than an actual fun car. Instead, the Audi e-tron Quattro will have emotion, excitement and genuine thrills. At least that’s the idea anyway.

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