VIDEO: Audi e-tron Ad Responds to GM’s Super Bowl Commercial

If you haven’t seen it already, GM put out a funny Super Bowl commercial, featuring Will Ferrell, Keenan Thompson and Awkwafina, which essentially surrounding Will Ferrell’s contempt for Norway. He smashes a globe, putting his fist right through where Norway sits, due to the country’s dominance in electric vehicle sales. So Ferrell enlists Thompson and Awkwafina to travel to Norway with him, in different GM EVs, to prove that America can do EVs better.


Even leading up to the Super Bowl ad, GM put out a series of teasers, featuring Will Ferrell mocking Norway and claiming that America is going to punch Norway in the face. If you know Ferrell’s brand of humor, you get why this is funny.

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In response, Audi Norway decided to make an ad of its own, featuring beloved Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, who famously played Tormund Giantsbane in the iconic HBO series Game of Thrones. In the ad, Hivju drives an Audi e-tron through the snow, wondering how anyone could hate Norway and why America wants to combat its EV sales.


While driving, Hivju sees a busted globe in the middle of the snow-covered road, so he stops to pick it up only to find¬† a massive fist hole where Will Ferrell punched it. He then asks “You wanna punch us in the face? You wanna do this to us, to me, to the world?” Then, as Hivju walks away, he chokes back tears to say “We’re trying to save the world!”

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It’s a playful jab back at GM and America, reminding everyone that Norways is the world leader in EV sales and is on the forefront of charging infrastructure. Additionally, the Audi e-tron is current Norway’s best selling EV, so Audi Norway has a stake in the game, too.


Stay tuned for GM’s Super Bowl commercial today and see if Audi surprises us with one of its own.

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