Video – Audi drops a new short trailer with the new A4 Avant

Audi Deutschland has released a new trailer for the A4 (B9), this time showing the more practical A4 Avant version.

Seeing Audi use TDI engines on their promo cars featured in videos is a bold move if you ask us, but maybe that’s because all the Euro 6-compliant turbodiesel engines sold by the Volkswagen Group are trouble-free, or at least that’s what they are saying.

Getting back to the video at hand, it seems to be taken at Chateau la Coste in France and shows a quattro-equipped A4 Avant painted in Tango Red Metallic and with a Fine Nappa leather upholstery featuring an embossed “S” logo. It also has the optional matrix LED headlights with LED taillights and dynamic front and rear indicators giving the compact wagon a truly premium look.

It’s certainly one of the best looking models of the segment and this evolutionary design really suits the model very well. The interior cabin is also a nice step up in quality and there’s also the option of a fully digital instrument cluster that really changes the experience behind the wheel. With numerous engines available in both FWD and quattro, there’s really an A4 Avant for everyone who can afford a premium product from Ingolstadt.

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Adrian Padeanu

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