Video – Audi details matrix LED headlights of the new A4

The all-new Audi A4 (B9) is back and this time we take a closer look at its optional matrix LED headlights. The base version will have Xenon Plus headlights, but those willing to pay more can upgrade to LEDs or these matrix LED lighting clusters which resemble an eye when the low beam is turned on. Eleven light diodes are turned on when the low beam is activated and these need only 20 watts of power while the full beam has twelve LEDs and three reflectors. A control unit installed within the rearview camera sends data to the headlights which can turn the LEDs one/off individually and also dim in one of the 64 available stages.

Fitted with matrix LED headlights, the new Audi A4 provides optimal lighting at all times and can distribute the light in millions of combinations without affecting at all the cars up ahead. These headlights benefit from a cornering function which works closely together with the car’s MMI Navigation Plus system and according to Audi the cornering lights are turned on even before the sdriver starts to steer.

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These matrix LED headlights also benefit from dynamic turn signals featuring diodes that are turned on sequentially from inside and out in the turn’s direction.

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