VIDEO: Audi Connect Key — Key of the Future

Cars are getting crazy nowadays. If, when I was a kid, you told me that one day you could unlock a car with a phone, I’d think you were huffing glue. However, that day is now here, as Audi is now advertising the ability to unlock your Audi A8 with your smartphone, dubbed Audi Connect Key.

In this new ad from Audi, which is actually quite clever, we see the generations of car keys go by, with accompanying music from each era. So we see someone grab their old Audi keys off their counter from each generation, all of which have a keychain of the Audi logo attached to them. It’s pretty funny, actually, and reminds us of what it was like to actually have a key. Modern car key fobs just aren’t as special feeling as a metal key, are they?

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Then, we see someone just take their smartphone and hold it up to the door handle of their brand-new Audi A8. It then unlocks and they get in the car. Once inside, they put their phone on the wireless charging pad in the center arm rest (so they presumably have an Android as iPhones are still pretty behind on the times, in terms of wireless charging). Not only does their phone start charging but the car recognizes who’s driving it based on the profile stored in the phone. Then we see the old-school Audi keychain hanging from the rear-view mirror.

It’s a pretty clever ad that’s quite funny but also interesting. Admittedly, Audi isn’t the first brand to have the ability to unlock a car with a smartphone. Most recently, the Tesla Model 3 debuted such a function. However, Audi Connect Key works on NFC (Near Field Communication), which is quite different from many of the other systems, which connect to the internet and then remotely unlock the car. Would I personally want that? No, give me a key or, at the very least, a key fob. There’s no denying it’s cool, though.

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