VIDEO: Audi Canada meets Alpine Canada Skiers

Audi Canada recently got together with the performance skiers of Alpina Canada to surprise them with some of the high-performance models Audi has to offer. Audi Canada allowed the skiers to drive Audi R8s and RS7s around Toronto to show them just how capable Audi’s high-performance cars are in winter weather. Once that was finished, Audi Canada handed each athlete the keys to their very own brand-new Audi. They were able to get either an Audi Q7, Q5 or A4 Allroad to be theirs for a year. Not a bad surprise.

“When you look at ski racing, there’s a lot of similarities [to auto racing] when you think of how to take a turn. For us it’s important to get together with athletes and the brand and to get the athletes in front of their fans.” said Christian Schueller, Director of Marketing for Audi Canada. “The Quattro all-wheel drive system is the perfect match for the winter time, so for us it just makes perfect sense”.

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