VIDEO: Audi does a blind tasting of the Audi A8 with bloggers

As the official debut of the upcoming 2018 Audi A8 is getting closer and closer, Audi keeps teasing its new car more and more. While most of its teasers come by way of Spider-Man references, as the new A8 will make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel film, this new teaser is a bit…different.

Apparently, Audi wants to do something new for this teaser and give bloggers and influencers a so-called blind tasting. By that, it means that each blogger or journalist was blindfolded and given an opportunity to touch, sit in and smell the new Audi A8. Basically, they could use all of their senses, except for sight, to get an idea of what the new Audi A8 will be like. Well, all senses except sight and taste, I hope.

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We don’t know how much you can discern from such a test, but it’s interesting nonetheless. From the outside, what are they really going to learn from touching the exhaust pipes? The shape? We know what they look like already. This is actually kind of silly.

However, there can be a lot they can learn from the inside. Everything from cabin space, seat comfort, material quality and even ergonomics can be felt with a blindfold on. They can also hear how the doors close, how quiet they are and how good they feel. They can listen to how quiet the cabin is, although all cabins are pretty quiet while stationary and with the engine off.

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We’re all excited for the new Audi A8. It’s going to pack some serious technology, including Level 3 Autonomy, a foot massager and new digital mapping capabilities. The Audi A8 will make its official debut at the Audi Summit in Barcelona on July 11, but it can be seen in the new film Spider-Man: Homecoming today.

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