VIDEO: Audi AI:TRAIL is one of Carfection’s 2019 Frankfurt highlights

The Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is always one of the best car shows of the year, especially for German brands. Maybe it’s a home-town thing but zee Germans seem tend to flex a bit more in Frankfurt. Audi certainly did, with a couple of big debuts of its own. One of them being the Audi AI:TRAIL, which actually made Carfection’s list of the best cars from the 2019 IAA.

Of all of Audi’s recent concept cars, the AI:TRAIL is actually one of the best, despite being the least realistic. Essentially, it’s an all-electric off-roader to use to explore nature. It sports four electric motors, one at each wheel (giving it Audi’s most appropriately-named Quattro system) and it looks like a Mad Max dune buggy. It even has drones mounted to the roof that act as roof lights normally but can then take flight and illuminate the road ahead from the air. It is, quite frankly, awesome.

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Even Carfection’s Henry Catchpole seems to think so. As he says, there’s something very appealing about the Audi AI:TRAIL. It’s such a unique and interesting vehicle that sort of bucks the trend of recent urban city car concepts. Not only does the Audi AI:TRAIL get you out of the city and into nature but helps protect the very nature it’s in, thanks to its fully-electric powertrain. So you can explore the environment while also being kind to it.

While we doubt the Audi AI:TRAIL ever makes it to production, we’re really quite hoping that it does. It’s such a cool and interesting idea that seems to have been executed to perfect. Of all the cars we saw at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, it’s the one I wanted to drive the most. Even over the incredible Porsche Taycan. Compliments don’t get much higher than that.

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