VIDEO: Audi A8 vs BMW 7 Series — Autocar Test

This new Audi A8 has been incredibly impressive since it first debuted. However, it’s not the only incredibly impressive car in the class. In fact, both the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series are superb cars. So how can the A8 stack up against some of the best? In this Autocar comparison test, the Audi A8 takes on the BMW 7 Series, leaving the S-Class out of it.

When it comes to technology and interior, it’s hard to beat the Audi A8. Its cabin is plush, it’s stylish and it’s loaded to the brim with tech. However, when it comes to driving, it’s not bad but it’s no 7 Series, according to Autocar.

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In this video, we see both Autocar testers, Matt Prior and Dan Prosser, take these two cars out on some very pretty, very twisty country roads. Amidst the rolling green hills and grazing sheep, one thing stood out most of all to Prior and Prosser — the BMW 7 Series is the much better car overall.


That’s sort of surprising, considering that the Audi A8 is a few years newer, boasts more modern technology and has some very clever chassis and performance bits. Still, despite all of that engineering know-how, the A8 lacks feel and driver enjoyment. While a BMW 7 Series isn’t exactly an air-cooled 911 when it comes to driver enjoyment but it’s surprisingly enjoyable to drive, more so than the Audi A8.

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Prior, who drives the Bimmer in this video, makes a good point as well, saying that the big BMW has good feel to it regardless of the driving condition. That sharpness, that crispness is apparent in every sort of driving, which allows the 7 Series to feel smaller, lighter and more nimble than it looks and, in some cases, than it is.

So while the Audi A8 has a very nice interior and some impressive technology, it’s just not as good a car to drive, or to ride in, as the BMW 7 Series. So the BMW wins this test.

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