VIDEO: Audi A8 places 8th on Auto Express 10 best luxury car list

On the same day that Audi saw three nominations for Auto Express‘ World Cars of the Year, the Audi A8 places 8th on their list of the top ten luxury cars. While 8th might not sound that high, it’s actually pretty good considering the company its in. Cars like the Bentley Mulsanne and Flying Spur placed ahead of it, as did the Rolls Royce Ghost. So it took some pretty remarkable cars to get ahead of it. However, the Mercedes-Benz S Class, one of the A8’s prime competitors did take first place.


However, despite its 8th place finish, it did manage to beat out two great cars. The Lexus LS places 10th, which is actually quite generous for the LS in our eyes, as it isn’t very good. However, 9th place went to the brand-new BMW 7 Series, which is a couple of years newer than the A8 that beat it by one place. While the Audi A8 is getting a bit old and is due for its replacement quite soon, the BMW 7 Series is but mere months old and it still lost out to the old-man A8. Thanks a remarkable thing to behold, as the 7 Series is an exceptionally good car.

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The Audi A8 does impress still, though, as its blend of luxury, performance and style is hard to beat, especially for the price. It tends to undercut a lot of its competitors and is available with a host of efficient diesel engines. This makes it a no-brainer for many customers in the segment. Its technology is also very impressive, especially considering that almost every car on this list is newer than it.

So in just one day, Auto Express has given Audi quite a lot of love. It’s been a good day for the four-ringed brand.

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