VIDEO: Audi A8 gives German travelers massages at Munich airport

Luxury cars have had massaging seats for a long time, now. In fact, it’s really not that special anymore, as almost every major luxury car at least has the option for massaging seats. However, the new Audi A8 has a new massage function that separates it from the pack — a foot massage. Yes, a rear passenger can actually get a foot massage in the back of the Audi A8. So long as no one is in the front passenger seat, of course, as that’s where the massager is. It rests in the seat back of the front passenger seat and, when moved all the way forward, a rear passengers can stretch their feet out and rest them against the back of the seat, on a little tray and get a massage.

It’s a bit of a funky option and maybe not one you want other passengers using in your car. However, it’s an interesting option and one that not many customers have seen before. Which is why so many travelers at the Munich airport were very confused recently when Audi asked it they wanted a massage in the back of the A8.

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Audi approached people at the airport and asked them if they wanted a massage (probably not something anyone should say yes to if they don’t want to become a lampshade in Buffalo Bill’s basement). Some of them said yes, surprisingly, and were then taken to the new Audi A8. Predictably, most of them didn’t understand and it’s sort of humorous to see. Once inside the car, though, they all remarked on its interior.

Using the little touchscreen tablet in the center armrest, each passenger was able to control the different massage functions. All them seemed to like the actual seat massage, as that normally feels good on one’s back. However, some of them were a bit put off by the foot massage, which can get a bit weird, admittedly. It’s a funny video and worth watch, even if just for the rear seat luxury and technology.

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