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While we haven’t driven the new Audi A7 just yet, we’ve driven the new BMW 6 Series GT and it’s an interesting car. It’s very odd looking but it’s also incredibly spacious and practical. It’s not very fun to drive but it’s incredibly comfortable, smooth and quiet. So it’s a car that fits a very specific need for customers, being both very comfortable and practical without being as big as an SUV. So that’s a good thing. Unfortunately for the 6er GT, though, there are two other cars in the segment that have similar functions, just with a lot more style. One of them is the A7. The other is the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class.

In this new video from Carwow, we take a look at these three cars and how they stack up.

They might not seem entirely comparable at first glace, because the 6 Series GT is more crossover-like, the Audi A7 is more of a four-door sportback and the Mercedes-Benz CLS is just a swoopy sedan. But then you realize that they’re all four-door grand touring cars with interesting, and slightly similar, shapes for around the same money. So which one is best?

BMW 6 Series GT

Well, it’s interesting how it all plays out. All three cars drive pretty similarly, with soft, squishy air suspensions and GT cruising capability. None of them are sports cars and none of them are particularly fun to drive. All three cars are about quiet, comfortable, long-distance cruising. So they really separate themselves with style, practicality and interior quality.

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Practicality is probably the biggest difference between the three cars. The BMW 6 Series GT has loads of it, with the biggest trunk and back seat by far. It can swallow up luggage like an SUV and coddle rear passengers like a limousine. The Audi A7 has a good amount of practicality, with a large, hatchback-like trunk and a good back seat. But it’s not as capacious as the Bimmer. While the Mercedes CLS has the worst practicality by far, as it barely has a big enough trunk to contend with most sedans and has a cramped rear seat.

Mercedes-Benz CLS55

That practicality, or in some cases the lack thereof, is offset by their style. So while the 6 Series is the most practical, it’s also the ugliest. Its design is obviously a product of function over form, with its massive hunchback-like styling. While the Audi A7 is a sleek looking four-door Sportback that has a bit of a higher roofline than a typical “four-door coupe” but still much prettier than the Bimmer. The Mercedes is a very sleek car, with a heavily raked roofline and low profile, which obviously cuts into its interior space.

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In the end, though, it’s the Audi A7 that wins. It’s almost as practical as the Bimmer while being far, far better looking. Personally, we actually think it’s the best looking of the three (though Carwow’s own Mat Watson thinks the Mercedes is the prettiest). It might not be as slick-looking as the Benz but it has loads more practicality and interior space. So it’s clearly the best of both worlds and easily the best car in the test.

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