VIDEO: Audi A7 gets driven by Edmunds — A more stylish A6

The new Audi A7 has been pretty well received since it first debuted. However, if there was one major criticism of it, it’d be that the A7 doesn’t feel much different than the A6. It’s a fair criticism, actually, because it looks so different from the A6, you’d hope for a different driving experience as well. However, it doesn’t seem as if that’s the case. This new video from Edmunds only solidifies that notion.

Edmunds’ Mark Takahashi drives the new Audi A7 through Napa Valley in this new video review and claims that it drives so similarly to the A6 that he wasn’t even going to talk about its driving characteristics. Instead, he just points to his A6 review from not long ago. That might seem quite damning but it’s only so if you dislike the Audi A6. Takahashi seemed to like the A6 in his review of it, so he probably likes the A7 as well.

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Instead of driving characteristics, Takahashi talks about the differences between the Audi A7 and A6. Mostly, those differences are cosmetic but there are some practical differences as well. On the outside, the A7 is vastly different from the A6. It has different headlights, a difference face, an entirely different profile and silhouette and its rear end is completely different. The Audi A7 is more of a four-door liftback/coupe thing than a traditional sedan, which is what the A6 is.

Also, the interior space is different as well, specifically in the back seat. The Audi A6 is perfectly accommodating for adults in the back but the Audi A7 is only good for adults 5’9″ and shorter. Takahashi claims he’s 5’10” and that he struggles for headroom in the back. However, it makes up for that by having a large trunk made even larger by its liftback tailgate. So not only is it a far more stylish car than the Audi A6 but it’s also far more practical.

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Basically, the Audi A7 is the car you buy if rear seat space isn’t much of an issue but you still need four doors and you want more style. You’ll have to pay for it, though, as the A7 is just shy of $10,000 more to start than the A6 and they both come with very similar standard equipment. Personally, I don’t see the point of getting the A7 over the A6, because it’s a lot more money for not really anymore car. But if style is $10,000 more important to you, than go for the slick-looking Audi A7.

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