VIDEO: Audi A7 driven by Carwow

We were honestly shocked that the new Audi A7 ended up being better looking than the car it replaced. The first-gen A7 was a fantastic looking car and we really had doubts that Audi would make the second-gen better. However, the folks in Ingolstadt have pulled through and this new Audi A7 is even more of a stunner than the last one. Is it any good to drive, though? Carwow finds out.

To see if the new Audi A7 wasn’t just another pretty face, Carwow flew out to Cape Town, South Africa to test it out. Needless to say, we’re a bit jealous. In this new video, we get to see all of its new tech, many of its design features and what it’s like to actually drive.

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First, the exterior of the Audi A7 is superb. Its lines are crisp, every body line is sharply sculpted and the exterior lighting is simply awesome. When you turn the car off and lock it, the headlights and taillights do a little dance before they turn off. They do the same dance when you unlock the car, as they turn on. While the little dance is a bit of a novelty, it makes the A7 feel a bit more expensive.

On the inside, the amount of ambient lighting and customization of said lighting is almost absurd. Not only can you adjust the color and brightness but you can choose almost any color you can think of. You can also change the color of individual areas of the car, so you can make all of the surface lighting one color, while making the detail lighting another and the footwell lighting another. So you can really customize the interior lighting and make some really interesting color combinations.

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As far as how it drives, it’s a lot more nimble than it looks, thanks to rear-wheel steering and adjustable air suspension (on the car tested). The steering is also sharp and accurate but it’s a bit too numb, so it’s not the best driver’s car. It’s much more of a stylish, luxurious cruiser. And, at that, it’s brilliant.

Mat Watson seems to like the Audi A7 overall, thanks to its style, quality and luxury, although he does have some gripes with it. It’s not the most fun car to drive, its new touchscreen MMI system can be a bit finicky while driving, as all touchscreens are, and the diesel’s artificial engine noise is a bit annoying. However, as a stylish, luxury cruiser, the Audi A7 is hard to beat.

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