VIDEO: Audi A6 tested by Auto Express

This new Audi A6 is one of the most important cars to come from Ingolstadt in a long time. As the brand’s most popular executive car, and the car that has to compete with industry giants like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Audi A6 needs to be damn good. So it’s important that Audi nails it or it’s going to be a long few years while it struggles to compete with those two German giants. Thankfully, it seems that Audi has nailed it, as reports are quite good.

In this new video from Auto Express, Steve Sutcliffe claims the new Audi A6 is significantly sharper and more enjoyable to drive than before. Is it as sharp as the current segment leader, the BMW 5 Series? No, it isn’t. Its steering is a bit too numb and light. However, it’s still a very precise thing to drive and could be more enjoyable to chuck around than the E-Class.

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Where the A6 makes up for that, though, is in its ride quality and luxury. The interior is lovely and looks even better than the one in the Audi A8, despite being so similar. And I’m personally a big fan of the 5 Series’ cabin but I think this A6 has the 5er beat. It just looks so modern and fresh and its new Virtual Cockpit is slick. The new touchscreen MMI system I’m still a bit on the fence on. On one hand it looks fantastic, the graphics are great and it works better than most touchscreen systems on the market. On the other hand, though, using it while driving is still going to be difficult and physical controls are just so much more tactile while on the move.

According to Sutcliffe, the ride is also fantastic. The model he was driving had the optional air suspension setup, so that likely had to do with why he felt that way. We’d be interested to hear what the standard suspension feels like. However, with that air suspension it’s said to ride beautifully.

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We can’t wait to get our hands on the Audi A6 and see how it fairs up against the current segment-leading 5 Series.

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