VIDEO: Audi A4 takes shots at Mercedes and BMW

Audi is preparing to launch its latest-generation A4 in the US and we recently talked about its latest ad campaign. Well, in a new series of ads, Audi uses the new A4 to take shots at both the Mercedes-Benz C Class and BMW 3 Series.

In Audi’s video “Touch”, everything the man in the video touches turns into a much more high-tech version. So when his alarm clock wakes him up and he smacks the snooze button, the clock falls off screen and he picks it up, only for it to have transformed into a high-tech digital alarm clock. When he changes the temperature on the thermostat, it transforms into a modern Nest thermostat. He puts on a regular analog watch, but when he tightens the strap, it transforms into a smart watch. When he finally walks outside to his Mercedes-Benz C Class, he walks past it and as he does it transforms into an Audi A4. It’s actually a pretty clever commercial, throwing some serious shade at the C Class and claiming that the A4 is much more high-tech.

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In the second video, “Intelligent Statement”, we see a BMW 3 Series stopped at a stoplight, only to have the new Audi A4 pull up next to it but closer to the screen, blocking the 3 Series out of sight. A voice then says “If you’re going to make a statement, make an intelligent one”. This is claiming that, again, the A4 is more technologically advanced than the BMW 3 Series, thus making it more intelligent.

Intelligence seems to be Audi’s message for the A4, making the car out to be a “Thinking Man’s Car”. In a way, Audi is right, the A4 is packed with interesting new technology and intelligent design. It’s incredibly well thought out, down to the most minor of details. So while cars like the 3 Series and C Class might get all the praise, Audi is claiming that the A4 is the car for intelligent customers.

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