VIDEO: Audi A4 vs BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Competitors

You’ve probably seen some of Mat Watson’s video reviews before, as he’s done reviews for Auto Express and Carbuyer UK and we’ve featured them here before. It seems as if he’s started a new YouTube channel dedicated to honest car reviews and he’s recently done a comparison test between the Audi A4 and its main rivals, the BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz C Class. So let’s take a look.

While we’ve driven the new Audi A4 already, and know that it’s a great car, we were only able to sample it for a short period of time and were only able to test it against a pretty standard BMW 328i wagon. So this review can help you better understand what the A4 is like to actually own in comparison to its competitors.


The first thing Watson points out is that the new Audi A4 doesn’t look all that different from the model that it replaces, but it is an upgrade. The headlights in particular are much better and we’re quite fond of them. The BMW 3 Series is better looking, with its optional M Sport package and the Mercedes-Benz C Class is the most expensive looking of the bunch. However, it’s the Jaguar that steals the show, as it’s easily the best looking.

However, the new A4’s interior is probably best-in-class, as it’s great looking, incredibly well-built and wonderfully ergonomic with impressive technology. While something like the Mercedes-Benz C Class might have a prettier cabin, it can’t beat the A4’s tech, ergonomics and build quality. The 3 Series interior is good as well, and it has some really slick technology, but the A4’s is better looking and better built. The Jag’s interior is actually rather disappointing, as its materials are a bit poor in comparison and its touchscreen infotainment system is quite frustrating.

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Watson even shows us how roomy each of the back seats are and how much storage there is in each of them. The back seats of the BMW and Audi are both the best, while the Jag and Merc suffer from a bit of a cramped back seat. Same goes for the trunks, as the BMW and Audi were the best, with the Audi being slightly better, the Merc being right behind them and the Jag having the worst. As far as practicality goes, the Audi A4 is the winner here.

In terms of driving dynamics, his front-wheel drive TDI model isn’t the sportiest of A4s. However, it’s still a very nice car to drive and feels perfectly at home driving at about 6 or 7/10ths. Push it harder than that, though, and you’ll be met with some understeer and it won’t be all that pleasant. Although, the Quattro all-wheel drive option would fix that and is really a must have option. Why would anyone want a front-wheel drive premium sport sedan? The BMW 3 Series, with its optional Adaptive M Sport Suspension is probably a bit more fun and the Jaguar XE is the most fun to drive of the bunch. The Merc is probably the most comfortable, but it’s not that engaging to drive.

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2015 Audi A4 3.0 TDI quattro

Overall, Watson claims the new A4 to be the winner of the test. While the other cars all have some really great characteristics, with some being the best-in-class in certain areas, it’s the Audi A4 that blends so many great qualities into one. It never really does anything poorly and is pretty great and virtually everything. Could it be more fun to drive? Yes, but getting the optional Quattro all-wheel drive and 2.0 TFSI engine will help with that. So, overall, the Audi A4 is the best car in its class, according to Carwow.

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