VIDEO: Audi 200 Avant launches hard and violently

You won’t see many Audi 200 Avants here in America, but they’re quite popular among Audi enthusiasts on a budget in Europe. That’s because it’s cheap and can be tuned to do things like this.

In this video, the owner of this Audi 200 Avant proves what the car can do when tuned to incredible lengths. Using Audi’s classic 2.3 liter 20-valve turbocharged I5 engine, a Borg Warner EFR6758 turbocharger, 870cc injectors and a stock intercooler, this Audi 200 Avant has monster power. It also has a RS2 exhaust manifold a 3″ exhaust, so it sounds crazy loud as well.

Audi 200 Avant

When it starts, you hear the Audi revving hard, just waiting to launch. When it does launch, the rear-end squats hard and fires off the line, leaving tire marks the entire way. I wish we were able to get a time on the 0-60 mph sprint or maybe even a quarter mile time, as that way we could judge just how fast this Audi 200 Avant is going.

The only issue with this video is that it now has me searching classifieds on the internet for an old Audi 200 Avant. I won’t find one that I can buy, but it will be a fun hour spent looking. Dammit.

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