VIDEO: Architects Love the Audi Q7 in Latest Christmas Ad

There’s a common joke among car nerds that Audis are driven by architects but there’s actually some truth to it. Architects appreciate when something is expertly designed and built and the way Audis look and are constructed actually appeals to many architectural minds. In this new video, Audi plays with that stereotype by showing an architect go a bit nuts over an Audi Q7.


The video starts off buying showing an architect constructing a gingerbread version of his own house, as Christmas-y music plays in the background. As he’s about to finish his expertly crafted gingerbread house, he sees the newly facelifted Audi Q7 driving down the road. He’s so transfixed by the Q7’s beauty, he leans on the gingerbread house to get a better look and breaks it.

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By the time the Audi Q7 is gone, the architect is kneeling on top of the gingerbread house and it’s completely destroyed. His daughter walks buy, catches him completely on top of the gingerbread house, and yells to her mother, “Mom, it happened again!” Clearly, the man is known for being a bit obsessed with Audis.


The ad is short and decently funny but I feel like Audi could have picked a better looking car than the Q7. The Audi Q7 is a fine looking car but it’s not even Audi’s best looking SUV. The Q8 or the e-tron both would have been much better options. Audi really should have chosen the RS6 Avant, though, as its combination of stunning design and wagon practicality would have really appealed to an architect. More so than the humdrum Q7.

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It’s a bit too early for Christmas ads but Audi is usually pretty good at making them, so we welcome them anyway. Plus, I think we could all use some holiday vibes at the moment.

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