Video: Alfa Romeo Giulia Caught

A few weeks back, we got a brief look at the upcoming, and absolutely gorgeous, Alfa Romeo Giulia and its high performance Quadrifoglio variant. Ever since, we’ve been drooling over this Giulia and wanting more. Well, a Good Samaritan has been able to catch the Giulia driving around on public roads and put it up on the interwebs for us all to see. He/She deserves some sort of medal for this.

In the video, there are two Giulias to be seen. A red one is seen parked and mostly covered, but quickly escapes the shot, while the other white car is completely uncovered and is in motion. Behind the Giulia seems to be a camera car, as its an older Mercedes ML Class with a massive boom camera mounted to the top. This would indicate that these two Giulias are being used for some kind of promotional video and that these aren’t test mules.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The other thing to notice is that these Giulias, with their quad exhaust pipes, more aggressive body work and emblems on the front fenders, seem to be Quadrifoglio variants. Meaning these are Alfa Romeo’s BMW M3 and Audi RS4 fighters. If you listen carefully, you can hear it take off in the distance, and it’s a snaring exhaust note, again signifying its¬†Quadrifolgio nature.

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While this video is a bit grainy and from a distance, it’s obvious that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a beautiful car and one we here at QuattroDaily can’t wait to get our hands one. Hopefully, we’ll be able to test it against Audi’s upcoming RS4 and see how they stack up.

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