VIDEO: 600 hp Audi RS2 Avant Hillclimb car is the stuff of dreams

One of my personal favorite Audis of all time is the Audi RS2 Avant. Not only was it the very first car to where the ‘RS’ badge but it was co-developed by both Audi and Porsche. Which makes it incredibly unique in Audis history. It’s also just damn cool and I desperately want to own one. Watching this video of a tuned, 600 hp Audi RS2 hillclimb car isn’t helping the cause.

In this video, we get to see Dan Kistler’s hillclimb racer that he’s been using for years. It’s an Audi RS2 Avant but it’s had its engine seriously tuned. Stock, the RS2’s 2.2 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine made 311 hp and, when paired to its five-speed manual and proper Quattro all-wheel drive, it could reach 60 mph in just under five seconds. In the early ’90s, that was insanely quick. In fact, it was faster than a Porsche 911 Carrera S to 30 mph.

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Kistler’s car, though, makes a whopping 600 hp, which is an immense figure and it’s incredibly fast. It also looks wicked, with its matte black paint, blacked out headlights and taillights, massive rear diffuser and lowered suspension. It makes what is normally a fast family wagon and turns it into a fire-spitting monster. We love it.

It also sounds fantastic. Audi’s old-school five-cylinder engine sounds incredible as is and is one of the best sounding stock engines of its era. But this car sounds evil in the best possible way. It’s angry and visceral, unlike most modern turbocharged engines, as aftermarket exhausts usually just make them sound overly bassy and boomy. This sounds real and metallic and we love it.

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There are very few classic cars I’d rather own than the Audi RS2 Avant. And while I personally wouldn’t modify it, because it’s rare and I wouldn’t want to change a thing, I can absolutely see why someone would. It has so much potential to be an excellent car for almost any sort of motorsport and we’re glad someone is using one as a hillclimb car.

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