VIDEO: 500 hp B8.5 Audi S4 with APR upgrades

Audi’s B8-generation S4 isn’t its most loved. While a good car, it’s just not as loved by enthusiasts as the B6/B7, thanks to the switch from a naturally-aspirated V8 to a supercharged V6. However, that smaller blown-six means that more power can be made after the fact. The standard B8 Audi S4 made 333 hp from its 3.0 liter supercharged V6, which is pretty good to start with. It made the car quick, hitting 60 mph in the mid five-second range. But, with an APR Ultracharger and pulley kit, this refreshed B8 (B8.5, really) Audi S4 makes 500 hp. And it’s pretty damn fast.

In this video, we can see just how much quicker the APR upgrades made the S4. Combine that extra shove with new headers and a Milltek resonated catback exhaust and it sounds great, as well. You can hear a lot of supercharger whine but it isn’t overbearing or ridiculous. What’s really nice is that you can actually hear some induction noise as well, something that’s missing on more modern sports cars. Then there’s the Milltek exhaust which sounds great, too. So you get this combination of noises that really make it an exciting experience.

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Stock B8 Audi S4

Plus, this specific car is a six-speed manual, something you can’t get on the new B9 S4. It seems really exciting, really fun and really cool. It’s even reasonably priced. For around $20,000, you can get a B8 S4 and spend a few thousand on the APR upgrades. So for a lot less than the new Audi S4, you can get this one that’s much, much faster. The new B9 S4 is the better car overall, with a much better chassis, better steering and even more tuning capabilities. But it’s also much more expensive. This B8 S4 can be had, with all of this power, for significantly less. We’re also huge fans of APR and highly recommend their tuning kits and parts for any Audi. Check it out.

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