VIDEO: 2020 Audi RS8 Rendered

Now that the new 2018 Audi A8 has be unveiled, enthusiasts are naturally wondering what faster, more exciting versions might look like. It seems that new renders come out the moment a new car is released. Though, renders can prove quite helpful in figuring out what new cars will look like. For instance, a render for the new Audi A8 by Jan Peisert was extremely accurate, 94 percent accurate, in fact. So when Peisert renders what a future Audi RS8 could look like, we take notice.

Admittedly, there almost certainly won’t be an Audi RS8. According to Audi Sport, the A8 is just too big and luxurious for RS treatment. However, there’s a good possibility of another Audi S8 Plus in the future, so this render could be a precursor to the latter car.

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This render looks quite good, though. It brings all of the classic RS traits to the sharp, new and modern design of the new A8. It’s lower, meaner and more aggressive. From the front, the new black grille looks very good, especially with how massive the new grille is. The black finish helps visually shrink it, thus making the front look less massive. The new black wheels help too, making it look properly sporty.

Out back, the biggest changes happen down low. The large black rear diffuser looks good in contrast to the green paint work. But the best part is the addition of real exhaust pipes, rather than the fake plastic covers on the standard A8. I still have no idea why Audi insists on adding fake exhaust pipes to high-end luxury and performance cars.

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This new render is cool looking and would make for an exciting competitor for the Mercedes-AMG S63 and BMW M760i. However, imagine the real car to be less aggressive, because it will likely just be an S8 Plus, not a full-blown Audi RS8.

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