VIDEO: 2019 Audi A7 — Design Philosophy

When Audi was tasked with designing a new A7, it had to be very careful. The first-generation car was one that customers and enthusiasts equally loved. Its styling, practicality and interior were almost universally praised and it quickly became a favorite in its segment, among customers. So with the second-generation car, Audi designers had to make sure that the original car’s soul was kept in tact, while also trying to break new ground. What they’ve come up with is this new 2019 Audi A7 and we think it looks great. In this new video from Audi, we get to listen to the designers who penned it.

Exterior designers Andreas Koglin and Sebastiano Russo were the two head designers on the new Audi A7 and it’s interesting to hear what they have to say about it. The main feature they both talk about is the new shoulder line, which is actually quite low. But it was a signature part of the original car and something that made its design unique. So they had to keep that shoulder line in tact while also making it seem fresh. What they’ve created is a car that seems very sleek and very sporty, especially toward the rear wheel arches, which look muscular thanks to the aggressive belt line at the rear.

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Both Koglin and Russo also wanted to stress how important lighting is to design. The headlights and taillights were very important in the design in the new Audi A7, with them claiming that “it looks like a UFO”, thanks to its lighting. When the car first debuted, Audi made a bit deal about its rear taillights and with good reason. The light bar that spans the length of the rear end, combined with the taillights themselves, are all OLED and highly animated, making them very exciting and different.

They even heavily stressed over the fuel-filler door. Normally, that door seems like an afterthought, just a square fuel door tacked onto the side of a car. On the new Audi A7, though, it’s sculpted to match the curvature of the car’s rear haunches and actually took a lot of time and effort to make. Not only did they have to design it but Audi’s engineers had to make the fuel door and its hing work with the curvature of the car. So a lot of thought went into even trivial details.

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This new Audi A7 is a great looking car and begins a bold new future for the design of upcoming Audis. In this video, we get to see why.

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