VIDEO: 2017 Audi A8 caught testing at the Nurburgring

The current-generation Audi A8 is in desperate need of replacement. While it’s still a fine car in its own right, the competition has surpassed it as it ages. Since the current-gen A8’s debut, the Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series and even Jaguar XJ have all been released with all of them packing newer technology and better performance.

However, that’s all scheduled to change next year. Audi is readying it’s next-generation A8 as we speak and it should pack an impressive punch. Built on Audi’s new MLB platform, the new Audi A8 will be lighter, more rigid and more dynamic than ever before. It will also boast a suite of new technology, including semi-autonomous driving.

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We know Audi is nearing completion on the new A8 because we’ve seen it testing in camouflage quite a bit recently. However, we’ve just seen video of it testing at the famed Nurburgring race track in Germany. We can tell from this video that the new A8 will borrow heavily from Audi’s Prologue Concept car, in terms of styling. It’s massively wide grille and narrow headlights prove it. It’s also going to be a very long car, seemingly bigger than before. But it will also be lighter, thanks to its new lightweight chassis, so that won’t be an issue. It will also likely have increased interior space than before.

Current-generation Audi A8
Current-generation Audi A8

Seen here driving alongside camo’d Mercedes-AMG GTs and other performance cars, the Audi A8 looks like an agile car for its segment. No doubt, the current segment leader in terms of handling is the BMW 7 Series. With the new A8’s chassis and impressive Quattro all-wheel drive grip, it’s possible that the new big Audi could dethrone the BMW 7er.

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We can’t understand much of what’s being said in the video, because it’s in Germany, but we do get to take a look at the A8 in action. It looks smooth out there, cornering flat and without much drama, exactly as a luxury car should. We’re excited to see what Audi has in store for the next A8 and this video only further piques our interest.

Check the video out here.

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