VIDEO: 2016 Mercedes-Benz E Class

Why are we talking about a video review for the Mercedes-Benz E Class? Because it’s a very important car in the segment and one that will challenge the likes of the Audi A6.

The Mercedes E Class has always been a favorite in the segment for its luxury, comfort and style. It’s a car that has outsold the Audi A6, almost perennially. This new model, now wearing Mercedes-Benz’s corporate looks, is set to continue that trend. Unfortunately for the E Class, however, it seems as if Mercedes has decided not to give it the driving dynamics of its younger brother, the C Class.


The new Mercedes-Benz C Class is a genuine rival for the Audi A4, in terms of driving dynamics, and the C63 AMG is a downright missile. So we had assumed that the E Class would be similar. However, according to this review from Carfection, it seems to be geared more toward comfort, luxury and high-tech autonomy.

The new E Class does look good and its interior is quite breathtaking, if we’re honest, but it seems as if it might be a bit boring to drive. In Carfection videos, they usually drive fast performance cars and talk about how much fun they are. In this, though, host Alex Goy never once mentions that it’s fun to drive. Nice, relaxing and luxurious, sure, but never fun. If it were an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Jaguar XF, fun and driving dynamics would be of the primary concerns. In fact, it seems as if the current Audi A6 may be the better driving car of the two, though we can’t say that for certain without driving the new E Class. Hopefully we’re wrong, as competition breeds excellence, but more importantly we’re hoping that Audi doesn’t go down the same route with the next A6.

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Audi A6 Hainan Blue
Audi A6 Hainan Blue

Luxury cars are becoming more and more autonomous lately, with automakers focusing more on tech and automatic parking than driving dynamics and this is because more and more customers are becoming less concerned with actual driving. This is sad and we hope that Audi continues to make cars that are great to drive, not just great to be driven in.

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