VAG sales down by 3.5% in October, but Audi posted 2% hike

VAG sales saw a significant 3.5% decrease in October compared to the same month of last year, but Audi is still doing great.

Overall, the Volkswagen Group sold a total of 831,000 cars last month and this brings up the total through October to 8.26 million units which is 1.7% less than what they did in January-October 2014. Sales of the VW core brand dropped by 5.3% while your favorite marque posted a healthy 2% increase in deliveries. Porsche doesn’t seem to be affected at all by the Dieselgate as they managed to shift 18.2% more cars than they did in October 2014.

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As for the more mundane SEAT and Skoda brans, these saw a decrease in sales of 2.7% and 3.1%, respectively. In Europe, the Volkswagen Group sold 1.5% fewer cars, but they were able to offset this by delivering 1.6% more cars in China which is VAG’s biggest market. It was a terrible October for Volkswagen in Brazil and Russia as they sold 47% and 31% less cars in those two countries.

Lastly, combined sales for Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi rose by 5.7% in United States which isn’t really a surprise taking into account most cars sold over there have gasoline engines.

Adrian Padeanu

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