Upcoming Audi RS7 Sportback Rendered with the RS6 Avant’s Face

We’ve finally just come down from the high that was learning of the Audi RS6 Avant’s upcoming arrival to America. This is a big moment, one that we’ve been asking for since we can remember. It’s finally here and we’re naturally excited about it. One of the more surprising reasons for the optimism surrounding the new RS6 is actually its styling, which is odd due to Audi Sport’s typical design reservation. However, the Audi RS6 is angry and aggressive looking, far more so than we expected. So when we see its new face rendered onto an Audi RS7, we get excited all over again.

The Audi RS7 isn’t going to be new to America, like the next-gen Audi RS6 is. Instead, it’s going to be the second generation to come ‘Stateside. However, this new car is going to be more powerful, more luxurious and, if this render is any accurate, better looking. The first-gen RS7 was a looker itself and this new standard A7 is a stunner on its own. So it’s not exactly surprising that the next-gen RS7 will be good looking. What is surprising is learning that it’s likely going to be this angry looking.

In this render, we clearly see the new Audi RS6 Avant’s face grafted onto an Audi A7, thus turning it into an RS7. And it looks great. It brings all of the RS6’s brutal aggression to the normally sleek and sophisticated A7 body. And it just looks right.

[twenty20 img1=”25644″ img2=”16880″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Audi RS6 Avant” after=”Audi A7″]

What’s even better is that its angry face will match the dormant brutality that lurks under its skin. While there are no official power figures for the upcoming Audi RS7, it’s likely to get the same 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 as the new RS6. If that’s the case, expect around 592 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, as those are the same numbers as the Audi RS6. However, just like the RS6, it will likely be more powerful in reality, as most Audi Sport products have proven to be.

There are also rumors of a hybrid powertrain, similar to that of the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid, being offered for the RS7, in addition to the standard twin-turbo V8. The rumored hybrid setup is said to make nearly 700 hp and be the most powerful production Audi ever made. Either way, the next-gen RS7 is going to be massively powerful and it’s going to need looks to match. This render proves the RS6’s face can help.

[Source: Car Lifestyle]
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