Ulrich Hackenberg quits Audi following suspension


Following the recent diesel scandal currently engulfing Audi and, parent company, Volkswagen, Audi suspended a number of employees. One of those suspended was, Head of Technical Development, Ulrich Hackenberg, who had previously worked at Audi for 30 years. This was two months ago, when Hackenberg was suspended, and he has just now decided to resign.

Ulrich Hackenberg

This scandal has effected quite a lot of people at Volkswagen Group. We recently heard about former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn completely resigning from the board at Audi. Winterkorn resigned as VW CEO almost immediately following the diesel scandal’s unveiling, but remained on the board at Audi until his eventual resignation from that too.

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Losing Hackenberg will be a tough pill to swallow for Audi, though. He worked with the company for three decades and was an exceptional member of the Audi group. Stephan Knirsch, former head of engine development at Audi, will replace Hackenberg. Knirsch was put in Hackenberg’s place temporarily following his suspension, but it’s yet to be seen if he will remain in that position not that he has completely resigned. This diesel scandal has done quite a bit of damage to the Volkswagen Group already, who knows how much more it will do.

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