Turo renter crashes rented Audi R8, causes major issues

If you haven’t heard of Turo, it’s a company that allows car owners to rent their own car out and make money off of it. Now, this can often be a good idea for many car owners, as it can allow for them to own a nice car and make some money to help pay for it. However, things can turn south quickly if the renter crashes your car. That’s exactly what happened to¬†Phillip Stephen and Stefan Toussaint and their Audi R8.

Stephen and Toussaint recently bought a second-hand Audi R8 for $78,000 with the intentions of renting it out on Turo. This way, they can have their awesome R8 while also making some money from it on the side. If they rent it out enough, they could even completely pay for its payments or even make them money. Pretty clever, right? Well, they didn’t really take into consideration what would happen if one of their renters crashed their high-priced exotic.

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Turns out, the renter not only crashed the Audi R8 but totaled it. Thanks to that, Stephen and Toussaint are now trying to figure out how they file a claim through Turo. The rental company has been extremely shady when dealing with the two R8 owners. Using rhetoric and incorrect information, Turo has been quite uncooperative so far. What was supposed to be a 14-day ordeal, according to Turo, Stephen and Toussaint have been dealing with this for over a month and still have no idea what’s going on.

Jalopnik has all of the details and photos to go along with it. It’s a shame that these two Audi R8 owners have to go through such difficulty just to get a claim on their car. You’d figure Turo would make this easy, considering how risky it is to loan someone a car.

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