TTS Roadster takes on the Boxster, Vette and Z4

With the summer officially here as of Sunday, June 1st, Car and Driver thought it would be appropriate to look at some of the best choices out of there for powerful, higher end convertibles for to cure the economic blues as of late.


In terms of the competition Car and Driver stacked up an impressive list of high-end ‘verts consisting of:

– Audi TTS

– Chevy Corvette

– BMW Z4 sDrive 35i

– Porsche Boxster S

The Audi TTS finds itself among stiff competition being down nearly 35HP from the nearest competitor while also being down 2 cylinders from the Porsche and BMW and a whopping 4 cylinders from the Corvette’s V8 that produced a the most horsepower of the group at 430HP.

While the TTS may be down on power, don’t count it out just yet.

Out of the group of high performers, the TTS managed a second place on the skidpad just a hair behind the Boxster and the TTS, well-equipped, comes in about $7,000 less than its nearest competitor in terms of price. Car and Driver also goes on to state that while the TTS is down on power, the TT RS engine option will cure the deficit of power, though they go on to say the suspension already comes so well-sorted that there isn’t much left that needs to be fixed!

Hit this jump to check out the full review by Car and Driver and see where the TTS stacks up against its higher priced competition.

(Source: Car and Driver via German Car Blog)