Video: Auto Bild gets a look at the new Audi TT RS OLED taillights

We’ve recently been getting a very slow trickle of information regarding the upcoming Audi TT RS, the hotly anticipated second-generation car. We’ve seen some spy shots of it running around the Nurburgring and we’ve even seen some patent drawings. But we haven’t actually seen any technical details in the flesh as of yet.

2016 Audi TT RS prototype
2016 Audi TT RS prototype

Well, German publication, Auto Bild recently got a sneak peak at the new TT RS taillights thanks to Head of Light Development at Audi, Stephan Berlitz. The first thing you notice is just how cool they look. The new OLED technology allows for an incredibly flat design and individually controlled light elements. So Audi is able to create a sort of series of four rectangles, within the taillight, that illuminate in in rapid sequence that looks fantastic. The way they can illuminate in sequence and then, once illuminated, illuminate even further in reverse sequence is incredible and can make seeing brake lights significantly easier, especially under poor visibility conditions.

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Audi TT RS OLED Taillight

We then get a look at what these OLED lights look like outside of the taillight housing and we can see how incredibly thin they are, a product of the OLED technology no doubt. These new taillights are incredibly efficient, allow for far superior packaging due to their size and are both brighter and easier to see than any other taillight.

While this may not be the sneak peak of the TT RS that you wanted, it’s still fascinating and gives us a glimpse of some of the tech that the Audi TT RS will have.

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