Toyo Tires: Surprising The World with the help of AC Milan

What would you do if you saw two dirt-bike riding bank robbers crossing your path with a bag full of money? Well, we now know what some of the players from AC Milan and the beautiful Toyo Tires Race Queen would do —  chase them down.

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In his latest advertisement from Toyo Tires, we see this very scenario shake down. Two bank robbers riding dirt bikes steal a bunch of cash and make a run for it. They think they’re home free when they hit a town square in Milan, but they encounter four of AC Milan’s players and the Toyo Race Queen posing for a photoshoot with a gorgeous first-gen Audi R8 wearing Toyo PROXES T1 Sport tires. The two robbers make a run for it, but the AC Milan players make chase, followed by the Toyo Race Queen.

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With the Footballers on foot and the Race Queen behind the wheel of the R8, the robbers start to realize that they’re in trouble. The AC Milan players quickly put their football skills to use by running, juking and kicking a ball to knock things over and bust open fire hydrants, causing mayhem so as to get in the way of the robbers’ dirt-bike. The Race Queen comes in with her Audi R8 and does some cool slow motion slides which display her, um, assets…You can tell this is advertisement is based in Italy. There’s even an appearance by legendary former free-kicker and current AC Milan head coach, Siniša Mihajlovi?.

The combo of the Footballers and the beautifully distracting Race Queen proves to be too much for the robbers, who eventually get stopped by a ricochet ball kick off of the R8 into the face of one of the robbers. Both are then apprehended by Italian police.

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It’s a very entertaining advertisement, featuring good action, a ton of humor, a beautiful model and an awesome car. It also once again shows the performance of Toyo tires on the Audi R8 and how well they perform. Toyo is becoming a leader in tire performance for both performance cars and luxury vehicles and should be taken very seriously.

About the Toyo PROXE T1 Sport tires

“Designed for European premium sports cars, the PROXES T1 Sportdelivers high quality in comfort and increased control in dry and wet conditions.This is achieved through the introduction of an asymmetric tread design, which additionally allows for a high degree of cornering. Wide straight grooves provide a wide water channel for better hydroplaning resistance while a high-hardness bead filler and improved contact pressure distribution provide total upgrades in linear steering response and braking and cornering performance in both dry and wet conditions.”

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