VIDEO: Re-Watch Top Gear’s Audi R8 vs Porsche 911

It’s the weekend and time for you to relax, kick back and watch some good old fashioned Top Gear videos. If you’re an uber-car nerd like I am and love watch old-school Top Gear, then have a look at this video from many years ago, in which we see the original Audi R8 V8 take on the Porsche 911.


Being that we just saw the brand-new Audi R8 upset the 911 in an EVO Magazine comparison, it’s fitting that we see the original R8 take down the 911 of its time.


In this video, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the original R8 V8 for the first time and came away very impressed. He seemed to have really liked the engine, the ride and, most importantly, the handling. The Audi R8 isn’t as known for handling as something like a Porsche 911 but Clarkson seemed to really enjoy throwing it around corners. In fact, it even looked surprisingly tail-happy and Clarkson even noted how easy it was to slide around.


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After a while, Richard Hammond showed up in a Porsche 911 and they had a bit of a race. On the circuit, Hammond couldn’t catch the R8 in his 911, though that could have been down to the drivers. In a half-mile drag race, though, the 911 did end up being faster.


Despite being faster in a drag race, though, Clarkson maintained that the Audi R8 was the better car and, due to it being far more popular at the time, was the cooler car. That last bit still holds true today.


The Porsche 911 is unquestionably the better driving car, objectively speaking. It’s sharper, more agile and more communicative with its driver. But the Audi R8, especially the first gen V10 with a manual gearbox, is more thrilling, more exciting and far more charismatic. It’s also just cooler, so it wins.

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