Top Gear’s Chris Evans vomits in Audi R8 V10 Plus

If you haven’t already heard, the new Top Gear no longer features the trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May as its hosts. Instead, it features BBC radio host Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc of ‘Friends’ fame, YouTube favorite Chris Harris and pro racing driver Sabine Schmitz, among others. Most fans of the original Top Gear are not pleased with this new iteration, as it lacks the punch and humor that the previous hosts provides.

However, this most recent episode has been the best one from the new hosts so far and its first film features Chris Evans driving the brand-new Audi R8 V10 Plus.


It seems as if Evans likes the new Audi R8 quite a bit, as he feels it looks far better than the previous generation. He also happens to think its quite fast, as he shouts quite a lot about just how fast it is. Its 610 hp 5.2 liter V10 from the Lamborghini Huracan make it incredibly fast and its Quattro all-wheel drive system, which actually sends most of its power to the rear wheels during performance driving, allows for sensational levels of grip. That last part is important.

After Evans is done doing his best Jeremy Clarkson impression (which doesn’t come close to Clarkson, unfortunately. Sorry, Evans), he hands the keys over to Sabine Schmitz, one of the best drivers on the planet. Schmitz has been known for making people sick in a car before, as she made a US Navy Pilot puke in a Corvette Z06. Now, she puts Evans in the passenger seat of the R8 V10 Plus.

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At first, he tells Schmitz to drive around Laguna Seca with all of the driver’s assists on, traction control on and the gearbox in automatic mode, to see how well the car can do on its own. Then, he tells her to do it with everything off and the gearbox in manual mode, to see if she’s better than the computers at getting the R8 ’round Laguna.


With everything switched on, she manages a fantastic lap time that actually makes Evans a bit nauseous by the end, but he’s able to keep everything down. Then comes the lap where Sabine is in control and she rockets down the track and absolutely flies through the corners. She shows off her incredibly impressive skills with this R8. At the end, Evans shouts at her to stop the car because he’s feeling nauseous. He opens the door and pukes on the road as Schmitz winces. “Why is it red?” Schmitz asks. “Strawberries” says Evans.

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The second-generation Audi R8 V10 Plus is an absolutely astonishing machine, one that’s capable of extreme speeds through corners and incredibly high g-forces. While Evans is pretty ashamed of puking on world-wide television, he probably shouldn’t be because of just how capable the R8 V10 Plus is and how talented Sabine Schmitz is. You can see this latest episode on BBCAmerica.com.

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