Top Gear took the Audi R8 V10 Plus through the Alps

At times, there are few jobs in the world that might be better than that of a motoring journalist. Playboy photographer, maybe? Not sure. However, every once in awhile, being a motoring journalist provides the sort of experiences that are remembered for a lifetime. Take Ollie Marriage’s recent trip with the Audi R8 V10 Plus through the Alps, for instance.

If someone asked you which vehicle you’d want to take through the Alps in the winter while carrying skis, it likely wouldn’t be an Audi R8 would it? It would probably be something more sensible, like a Range Rover. However, Top Gear’s R8 fleet car was to be heading back to Ingolstadt and Marriage wanted to give it one last adventure before sending it off. So the French Alps it was with luggage stuffed into its frunk and skis attached to its roof. Perfect.

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During the trip, Marriage and his photographer spent hours upon hours in the Audi R8, traveling hundreds of miles and about $1,000 of fuel. While the skis made some noise, thanks to the fact that the makeshift roof rack kept the windows slightly ajar, it actually proved to be a comfortable ride. The magnetic dampers proved supple when needed and firm when the road opened up. Even its Quattro all-whee drive system and winter Pirellis helped make the R8 a great car in some snow.

After reading of Marriage’s trip to the Alps in our favorite supercar, we’re convinced that the Audi R8 may be the best overall supercar in the world. There are supercars that are faster, more comfortable, more fuel efficient and more practical but none offer a single combination of all of those things in one car. The Audi R8 V10 Plus offers actual usability, stunning looks, a fantastic cabin with comfortable seats and class-leading technology and a fire-breathing, shrieking 5.2 liter V10 engine making 610 hp. If there’s another car that offers the same amount of usability, comfort and excitement into one package as well as the R8, I’d love to see it.

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Finally, after the trip was over, Marriage was forced to give the car back to Audi. However, he was happy that it had completed one last epic journey before it went home. Covered in dirt, road grime, snow and croissant crumbs, the Audi R8 sat satisfied at the end of its trip to the Alps.

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