Top Gear Reviews the RS6 Avant

Did we say Top Gear? We meant Top Gear…Australia. Either way, they’ve reviewed the world’s fastest grocery-getter: the Audi RS6 Avant.

The RS6 Avant is quite the grocery-getter as well! With 570HP being pushed out from a turbocharged ex-Lamborghini Gallardo V10, the RS6 definitely doesn’t disappoint in whatever task you throw at it. Whether it be taking the kids to school, running to the store, a ski trip or crushing an M5 Touring at a local track meet, the RS6 seems to handle anything and everything.


In this particular video, we get to see what happens when the fastest wagon from Germany meets up with the fastest wagon from Australia – the Holden HSV Sport Wagon. To see the results of the battle check out the great video – and be sure to watch it in HD!