Top Gear makes us even more jealous about the Audi RS4 Avant

If we were to be able to take any car that’s on sale in Europe but forbidden here in the ‘States and bring it to our shores, it’d probably be the Audi RS4 Avant. In reality, you’d be hard pressed to find a car that offers a better everyday driving experience than the RS4. It’s fast, good looking, comfortable, practical and handles well. It’s expensive but not completely outside the realm of what real people can afford and it’s even reasonably fuel efficient. So, as a daily driver, the sort of car you can drive everyday in all seasons, it’s hard to beat. Yet, us Americans can’t get it, as it isn’t sold here. So it’s extremely depressing when we read about how good it actually is to live with everyday. Which is what Top Gear just spoke about.

Top Gear had an Audi RS4 Avant for six months, with editor Jack Rix having taken ownership of it for those months. In this new article, he talks a bit about the RS4, what TG did with it during that time and how much he likes it. And the entire thing makes us incredibly jealous.

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When I was younger, wagons seemed ridiculous to me. Especially fast ones. The idea of sacrificing some speed and handling in the name of practicality and comfort was plain stupid to me. Now, though, I have a small family. So the idea of a car that’s very fast but also comfortable and practical seems absolutely perfect. In fact, I can’t even afford an Audi RS4 Avant but if it were sold in America I’d be at a dealership tomorrow begging the salesperson to take a kidney for the down payment.

After reading about Rix’s experience with the RS4 Avant, it makes me want one deeply. It’s just such a perfect everyday sports car (or supercar with its performance numbers), as it’s fast enough to flat-out embarrass almost anything you’ll see on the road, comfortable enough to cross continents in one sitting and practical enough to get a child seat, dog and luggage in with no problem to speak of. Damn, I want one.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.