Top Gear drives the new Audi Q7 Facelift — Is it Better?

When the Audi Q7 received its mid-cycle facelift, we weren’t too enthused about it, if I’m being honest. The pre-facelift was already such a good looking car that we didn’t feel like it needed any work done. Plus, the new face isn’t as handsome, so it seems a bit unnecessary. Still, that’s what we have now and Audi tweaked quite a bit more than just its face. So is the new car any improved over the old one? Top Gear finds out.

The new exterior styling is like an Audi Q7 had a baby with a Q8. If you like the sound of that, you’ll love the new-look Q7. Personally, I still think the pre-facelift car looks better but this new styling does keep it more competitive in the segment.

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It’s on the inside where the Audi Q7 has been the most significantly upgraded. While the pre-facelift Q7 was a great car, it was starting to feel a bit dated inside. Not in terms of comfort or design but in terms of tech. Its old-school MMI system felt old and its hideaway screen seemed a bit last-year. However, this new car gets the same dual-touchscreen Touch Response MMI system as the new A6, A8 and Q8. That makes it feel much more high-tech than the pre-facelift car.

It also gets the brand’s latest Virtual Cockpit, which is even sharper and easier to use than the already excellent system found in the pre-facelift car. So the new Audi Q7 is brimming with the latest and greatest technology, which only adds to the already excellent interior.

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As far as handling and dynamics go, it’s about the same. So its steering is good and body movements are kept in check but it’s not exactly fun to drive. It’s very comfortable and relaxed and is nice to drive but it’s not going to light your hair on fire.

Overall, the new facelift — regardless of how you feel about its looks — certainly keeps the Q7 modern enough to compete with its newer rivals.

[Source: Top Gear]
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