Top Gear drives the new all-new Audi Q5

What was likely the biggest wrinkle with the previous-generation Audi Q5, its lack of any emotion whatsoever, seems to have been ironed out with the second-gen. Top Gear recently got their paws on the new Q5, also at the press launch in Mexico, and actually have some good things to say about it.

Being that the new Audi Q5 is based on the brand’s new MLB platform, which currently underpins the Audi A4 and Q7, the new Q5 is far more enjoyable to drive. Its new five-link suspension and lighter chassis make it sharper, more dynamics and also more comfortable. While the previous Q5 was a nice car to drive, it was dull, uninspired and a bit sloppy.

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Audi Q5

This new car feels tighter, crisper and actually quite enjoyable. It’s also more luxurious than the previous generation. The ride is far more comfortable, which is nice considering that Audis have typically had a bad reputation for having stiff rides. But it isn’t floaty or ponderous. Top Gear even went so far as to call the body control “peerless” in the segment.

We saw the video review of the Audi Q5 yesterday and we learned all about it last week. Overall, it seems to be a massive step forward for the model line. We liked the old Q5 and felt it to be a good all-around car, but we didn’t love it. It lacked any sort of passion or excitement. And while this new one isn’t exactly a Ferrari 488 GTB, it’s more interesting and enjoyable than the car it replaces.

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