Top Gear drives the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

The largest criticism of Lamborghini’s smallest supercar is that it doesn’t necessarily feel like a supercar. The Huracan feels a bit too safe for a Lamborghini and actually tends to understeer a bit, which is something that’s actually disappointing to many fans. However, The Sant’Agata-based company has decided to add some much needed drama to the Huracan and it’s done that by…taking the roof off.

The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is now possibly the best car Lambo currently makes. It takes all of the good things about the Huracan, like the looks, the ride and that glorious engine, and combined them with the sort of open-top motoring so many fans love. This way, you can hear all of the V10 goodness with less muffling. It’s the stuff car enthusiast dreams are made of.

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Well, Top Gear was able to actually test out the new Huracan Spyder and turn their motoring dreams into a reality. Lucky bastards.

The first thing you notice is how much better the Huracan looks without its roof. In Spyder form, the Huracan goes from cool looking to fantastic looking. There’s just so much more visual drama with the Spyder version and it’s welcome drama.


But it’s the noise that really makes the Huracan Spyder special. Apparently, it doesn’t wail and whine at low speeds like some convertible supercars, something that’s very welcome. In its mid-range, the 5.2 liter V10 creates a sort of brutish noise and as it reaches its 8,250 rpm redline it screams and howls. It’s a glorious and musical soundtrack.

The Huracan Spyder makes the same amount of power as the Coupe version, but it weighs 120 kg (264 lbs) therefor making it slower to 60 mph by two tenths of a second. This shouldn’t be a problem though, as the Spyder looks better and is more exciting than its Coupe counterpart. Lamborghini also says that torsional rigidity is non-issue. While the Spyder lacks a roof, usually ruining rigidity, its actually 40 percent stiffer than its predecessor, the Gallardo Spyder. So while there’s a bit of a wight penalty to the Huracan Spyder, it doesn’t suffer in a single other character. This Lamborghini Huracan could be worth every penny.

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[Source & Photos: Top Gear]
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