Is the Audi RS6 Avant Performance worth the extra money?

As if a car with 560 hp needed a performance variant, Audi has give its RS6 Avant a boost in power recently, with its RS6 Avant Performance. What Audi has done, essentially, is fettle with the engine a bit to bump power from 560 to 605, because ya know, why not? 0-60 mph drops two tenths of a second, to 3.7 seconds, and the top speed rises to 189 mph, only if the carbon ceramic brakes are optioned. So the Audi RS6 Avant Performance takes an already mighty car and made it even mightier.

But is it noticeable or worth the extra money? Well, that’s an interesting question, one Top Gear intended to find out.

Audi RS6 Avant

The Performance variant of the RS6 Avant costs about $7,800 more than the standard car, which is quite a bit. However, the RS6 Avant is already quite an expensive car, about the equivalent of $130,000 in Germany, so the extra money isn’t really all that much considering the already high price tag of the standard car. Although,¬†considering there aren’t really that many fast wagons out there anymore, it’s not as if buyers will need to compete with much. However, if you can afford the standard car, you can afford the Performance variant.

The performance gains of the Performance variant are negligible, as two tenths of a second from 0-60 mph isn’t going to be noticeable on the street and it’s not as if many owners will be taking their RS6 Avants to the track. So buyers of the RS6 Performance will likely be owners, or lessees, of a standard RS6 Avant who are trading in their car and just want the better version of it.

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The rest of the RS6 Avant Performance is business as usual. It still handles the same, which is to say very well. The steering might be vague, as are all Audis of this generation, and it will likely understeer at the absolute limit, but if drive at 8/10ths, it’s an absolute back-road munching monster. It’s a very point-and-shoot kind of car, where you come into a corner hot, lay on the strong carbon ceramic brakes, let the Quattro all-wheel drive system grip and pull you through the corner and the get back on the power as it rockets you out of the turn. It isn’t a momentum car like, say, a BMW M5 or Mercedes-AMG E63, that will slide its back end out gracefully around corners. No, the RS6 Avant Performance is like a Nissan GT-R in wagon form, as it will pummel the road into submission with its massive grip and mighty power.

Audi RS6 Avant

Regardless of its power, though, it can haul five people¬†comfortably with a dog and luggage in tow, while quietly and luxuriously gunning down the motorway. The RS6 Avant’s breadth of abilities is so impressive that it doesn’t really need a Performance variant. However, that added performance is just icing on the cake. The customers that can afford the RS6 Avant will be able to afford the Performance variant and likely will in the future. Having the Performance version allows owners to have the same great RS6 Avant experience they know and love but also getting some more power and performance out of it. So, to answer the question, yes, the Audi RS6 Avant Performance is worth the extra money. Plus, 605 hp bragging rights are priceless.

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